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Leverage HRM

Integral SI

CRA still provide R&D and Strategic Direction for the businesses it manages however, it has now expanded into offering this support/service to other organisations.


Originally started out dedicated to Software Development, CRA quickly turned into an R&D ‘think-tank’ spending 3 years growing 3 separate entities in specific areas that most organisations have a GAP… Good Software Systems, Great Human Resources & Effective Sales and Marketing to drive the growth of their business.

After much ‘prodding, tweaking, testing, and TEARS’ Jan 2012 rolled-by and saw these entities take their next step forward, ‘Move away from home’ or in business terms, out of the think-tank and become entities in their own right!

The time has arrived again with 2 new exciting businesses having completed their ‘apprenticeships’ under CRA with a 3rd on its way. We welcome and look forward to the continued growth of:

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Jealous Label

Business ownership can be very lonely… Even when surrounded by thousands of staff! It doesn’t have to be that way! Get in touch with CRA if you need strategic support.